A Place to Start

Dear daughter,

A lot has happened in the first few months of 2017, both for me personally and in the world in general. Every day there are new stories, some full of hope and restoration, some carrying the weight of fear and disillusion. A lot of times I’m caught off-guard by both.

This blog will serve to be a series of letters to you in the midst of the chaos of my early 20s, navigating life and all it has to offer. I want to offer my opinions, which, unsurprisingly enough, are tending to differ greatly from the opinions of my parents. When I eventually meet you and have the privilege of raising you, I want to be able to encourage you to have your own opinions and speak openly about them.

So really, this blog is for me, too. To look back on and realize how crazy and beautiful life as a young person can be, and to know that I was going through all of that craziness once. It can hold me accountable.

So here we go. Enjoy my ramblings and rants, and know that I’m being honest with every word.





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